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Google’s fast, surprisingly smart and personalised search capabilities and it’s tight integration with its Chrome browser seems to make oldschool bookmarks less and less relevant. They’re still in use and have excellent features attached to them like sync among devices, so seeing Google’s obsession about the interconnected nature of speed and usability it is still important – and fun – to make using them more pleasant and efficient. See: The Google Gospel of Speed.

Our highly unoriginal theory is that making adding and editing bookmarks simpler and faster by reducing the time and clicks/touches needed to achieve them is worth the effort. We’ll use surveys to identify target users and ask them about basic usage patterns, then do interviews and also observe users with screen sharing. We’ll use the results as the basis to make small changes in the user interface and then prove (or fail) with doing usability testing with working prototypes.

As a reference: at the moment adding a bookmark to the last folder used takes 3 clicks, to a frequently used one 5, and to a new folder 6 on a desktop platform. We aim to reduce this to 1, 3 and 4. The same on mobile is 2, 6 and 8! To be reduced to 1, 3 and 4. Come join us…

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