Think outside the box – a cliche but we pride ourselves in doing just that to help you succeed with your digital product or service from idea to launch and beyond. We thrive in making business goals, product viability and user satisfaction be a happy bunch even if it looks impossible as everyone wants to have their own cake. There is a lot to learn from the guy who complains all the time. Well, not just them. Everyone adds to the perfect recipe.

The cherry on top is our use of proven methods of research, our intuition and our own experience of failure and success. Great cakes don’t just appear out of the blue, you need time and quality ingredients. Our mix-and-match background in social sciences, software development helps & … We bridge sides, eg. understand people and tech at the same time. Some magic doesn’t hurt though: qualifications in user experience research and design & …

Have a look at our past projects below and get in touch. Any other questions, project inquiries, just email us. We’re based in London, work from home (and the garden) and happy to visit clients. All hail the great cities and seaside towns (with fish and chips) as well. In the meantime here is our Spotify list. And now we can let you in on the secret, our motto is actually…

“Think outside the cakebox!”

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Complex tool for hotel marketing which helps to bring together data from various sources to help staff make informed decisions about rates.

Community built around libraries to bring together services, librarians and readers from all around the country. A nationwide project in Hungary.

Research into the digital services of the capitals municipal library system.

Article-series (in Hungarian) in Scientific and Technical Information (Hungarian Library and Information Science Journal) – Evaluating various content services of the Hungarian-language internet. Criticisms address user-relevant interface, search engine, content and metadata, for the reason of helping to make the most efficient use of the systems, and to draw attention of developers and maintainers to service deficiencies for quality improvements in the future.

Participation in integrating the content of scientific conferences (organized by Central European University) into public education.

Taking part in designing, organizing and implementing various library image databases in Hungary (e.g Hungarian Digital Archive of Pictures, Budapest Picture Archive).

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